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Infant and Young children nutrition

Infant and Young children nutrition
Nutrition in early infancy and childhood is crucial in determining a child’s healthy development, and impacts health later in life.


Foods Intended for Special Medical Purposes

Foods Intended for Special Medical Purposes
Managing disease with effective medical nutrition in patients from infancy to old age.
Medical nutrition products, also known as Foods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs), are used in all healthcare settings across Europe. They are used by those with chronic medical conditions, or people suffering or recovering from serious illness, and represent a vital element of patient care.


Food for Weight Control

Food for Weight Control
Obesity is commonly regarded as one of the most serious public health concerns of the 21st century, representing a major preventable cause of chronic illness and death.


Foods intended for sportspeople

Foods intended for sportspeople
Sports and physical activity represent a way of life for millions of Europeans, both on a professional or amateur level.


Gluten Free Products

Gluten Free Products
1 in 100 people are estimated to suffer from coeliac disease in Europe. Gluten intolerance, also known as coeliac disease, is an autoimmune condition which impacts millions of European consumers.


European Week of Sport, 23-30 September 2020

Frankfurt, Germany, in Livestream








#BEACTIVE with SNE! All you need to know about nutrition and sport

Make sure you check regularly the SNE website to get the best tips in terms of nutrition before, during and after intense physical activity! And don’t forget to get off your sofa and #BEACTIVE!

Tip of the week:

#EuropeanWeekofSport: Day 3: Protein is not just for body builders! Our muscles need protein for growth and repair. Generally, we should eat 0.8 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight/day. During intense/long physical exercise, your muscles need more protein. #BeActive @EuSport


About us

Specialised Nutrition Europe

SNE members are the National Associations from 19 European countries (including a majority of EU Member States), whose members are companies producing tailor made dietary solutions for populations with very specific nutritional needs. These include: infants and young children, patients under medical supervision, sportspeople, overweight and obese consumers, and those suffering from coeliac disease. These companies range from SMEs to internationally operating companies.


Increase understanding and awareness of the role that foods for specific groups play in the lives of these very particular consumer groups

Facilitate the development of an adapted and proportionate environment in which our industry can continue to operate in a safe, competitive and sustainable way at the local, European and even international level

Ensure the continuous development and delivering of the role that foods for specific groups play in the lives of these very particular consumer groups

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24 Billion

The association represents an
annual turnover of approaching
24 billion EUR*

*Based on SNE internal estimates

170 Billion

Health costs caused by the economic impact on malnutrition are estimated at 170 billion EUR in Europe*

*MNI Medical Nutrition Dossier “Better care through better nutrition: Value and effects of Medical nutrition”, Fourth version 2018

Top 3

Specialised nutrition products made in Europe are among the top 3 of the most exported foods from the EU food and drink industry*

*FoodDrinkEurope Data & Trends – EU Food & Drink Industry 2018


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