Who we are


Increasing awareness about the role of specialised nutrition: For the past 50 years, SNE has been gathering expertise of members to develop common industry positions and increase awareness and understanding of our products at EU level

Collaborating with stakeholders to support sound policy making: SNE works closely with all relevant stakeholders to guarantee a consistent and appropriate legal framework for the specialised nutrition industry

SNE aims to facilitate the development of an environment in which our members can continue to provide access to people with specific nutritional needs in an appropriate safe and sustainable way at the local, European and international level

SNE is embedded in the EU policy-making environment, and as such, contributes actively in the EU platforms and/ or initiatives:


SNE is part of the 45 EU-level stakeholder organisations which are members of the Advisory group on Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health. As member of this Advisory group, SNE provides its views to the European Commission on relevant food policies, participating to the twice-yearly plenary sessions organised by the European Commission as well as the ad-hoc working groups


SNE is a partner to the European Week of Sport, an initiative to promote participation in sport and physical activity among European citizens. Through this partnership, SNE confirms its commitment to dialogue and cooperation between policy makers and the sport sector in order to inspire people to do more sport and physical activity

Beyond Europe, SNE is also collaborating with ISDI (International Special Dietary Foods Industries) on Codex matters, and is an observer in front of the Codex Alimentarius – International Food Standards.


SNE analyses and provides members with information and advice on legislative developments or EU initiatives relevant for the specialised nutrition industry

SNE works closely with other stakeholders including industry associations and patient groups on dossiers of common interest, and strives to guarantee a consistent and appropriate legal framework for the specialised nutrition industry

SNE advises members, policy makers, and key opinion leaders with extensive experience in the development of technical and ethical standards for specialised nutrition products

SNE is also the guardian of high quality and safety standards in the production and marketing of specialised nutrition products