Food safety


Food safety is paramount to the specialised nutrition industry

All our products, especially those aimed at vulnerable populations, are manufactured in accordance with very strict safety standards. SNE works closely with regulators, scientists and nutritionists to monitor data, ensure compliance, and achieve the highest quality possible.
A special focus on vulnerable groups

Designing optimal food products for vulnerable groups means turning the latest nutrition science into readily available products that meet the special needs of these populations. In this context, specialised nutrition products are manufactured in accordance with specific composition, high hygiene standards and food safety parameters (including stricter contaminants and pesticide residues limits). SNE members also work closely with national and EU authorities to leverage the latest technologies, research methods and scientific studies to minimise risks. This takes place across all specialised nutrition product categories, and with a particular focus on the ones intended for the most vulnerable groups, particularly infants and young children.

Highly skilled quality and safety personnel
The specialised nutrition sector in the EU – represented by SNE – has the best food safety laboratories and highly trained personnel to ensure that specialised nutrition products manufactured in the EU maintain their reputation as top quality products with the highest level of food safety. We rate food analysis as an integral part of food safety and therefore exchange expertise with the European Commission and national authorities to further enhance the level of consumer protection and food safety in Europe.
Responsible use of food ingredients

Our members pay very close attention to the composition of specialised nutrition products, to make sure they are safe and suitable for the target population for which they are intended to. As required by EU Food Law, stringent processes are followed for the traceability of food ingredients to make sure that all specifications are followed.

Specialised nutrition products contain ingredients and nutrients in the exact amounts that serve their nutritional purpose. Taking into account the challenging formulation of specialised nutrition products, food improvement agents are used to serve specific technological functions, and ultimately ensure that these products respond to the nutritional needs of the specific populations they are intended to.

Stringent processes are ADHERED for the traceability of food ingredients to make sure that all specifications are followed.

Our commitment to analytical data collection
Collecting sectorial data is an essential element of our sectors’ engagement towards EU decision-makers. Gathering analytical data on the level of contaminants in specialised nutrition products, and particularly on foods for infants and young children, is critical to enable science-based risk management decisions on food safety. Collecting data is crucial to identify risks and monitor the effectiveness of our food safety programs. SNE therefore consolidates data from its members from across the EU, in compliance with antitrust rule, to ensure an evidence-based dialogue with Authorities.