Specialised nutrition products are strictly regulated at EU level in terms of composition, production, labelling and marketing.


Food safety →

Food safety is paramount to the specialised nutrition industry. All our products, especially those aimed at vulnerable populations, are manufactured in accordance with very strict safety standards. SNE works closely with regulators, scientists and nutritionists to monitor data, ensure compliance, and achieve the highest quality possible → 

Nutrition & Health →

SNE and its members take their commitment to science very seriously. Our industry works tirelessly to meet the needs of people with specific nutritional needs by applying emerging science in nutrition to develop effective, safe, and convenient tailored nutritional solutions →


Innovation & Science →

A nutritious diet, healthy body weight and regular physical activity are all prerequisite for good health and well-being. Specialised nutrition products have a key role to play in this regard, to help people to meet their specific nutritional needs →


Interactions with healthcare professionals →

Collaborative and inclusive dialogue between healthcare professionals and manufacturers of infant nutrition products is essential to ensure optimal nutrition. Our members are committed to supporting the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals by organising events for lifelong learning in specialised nutrition and healthcare through educational initiatives/ activities and are committed to following the highest ethical standards. SNE’s members are convinced of the importance of providing healthcare professionals with unrestricted access to information on scientific innovations and new products →