Innovation & Science


SNE and its members take their commitment to science very seriously

Our industry works tirelessly to meet the needs of people with specific nutritional needs by applying emerging science in nutrition to develop effective, safe, and convenient tailored nutritional solutions.

Through scientific research, our industry contributes to the understanding of nutritional needs of people with specific conditions and, consequently, a better-informed policy landscape.

Continuously investing in world-class Research & Development
SNE and its members are committed to advance nutrition science This is to ensure that infants and young children, patients, overweight and obese people, people with a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, and sportspeople people meet their nutritional needs.

The industy’s continual investment in research & developemnt (R&D) drive innovation providing highquality and safe products.

Our members’ products are supported by scientific evidence, which is visible in the regular publication of studies in leading peer-reviewed journals. In this context, it is critical to continue encouraging R&D efforts to develop and market evidence-based innovation. This is key to protecting the health and wellbeing of EU consumers with specific nutritional needs.

Our partnership with consumers, scientists and healthcare professionals

SNE and its members’ committment to R&D includes collaborations, partnerships and dialogue with consumers, healthcare professionals, academia and research institutes. For instance,

  • Infant and young child nutrition products integrate the latest science and input from paediatricians
  • Medical nutrition products are developed based on scientific and clinical insights, often in close collaboration with scientists and healthcare professionals
  • Slimming foods products are designed to ensure a safe and efficient weight loss for obese and overweight people
  • Gluten-free foods are formulated to match as closely as possible the taste and texture of equivalent traditional gluten-containing foods such as bread and pasta, improving the compliance to a  gluten-free diet
  • Sports foods products are specifically formulated for sportspeople to ensure an appropriate supply of fluids, nutrients and substances which help the body prepare for, maintain and recover from high intense physical performance.

This consumer-centric approach, supported by the strong scientific evidence, differentiates specialised nutrition products from other food products, as they fulfil very specific nutritional  needs.