Interactions with healthcare professionals


Collaborative and inclusive dialogue between healthcare professionals and manufacturers of infant nutrition products is essential to ensure optimal nutrition

Our members are committed to supporting the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals by organising events for lifelong learning in specialised nutrition and healthcare through educational initiatives/ activities and are committed to following the highest ethical standards. SNE’s members are convinced of the importance of providing healthcare professionals with unrestricted access to information on scientific innovations and new products.
The SNE Code of Practice
In July 2023, SNE published its Code of Practice on interactions between the infant nutrition industry and healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. The SNE Code gathers best practices for SNE member associations and their member companies. Its objective is to guide the European infant nutrition industry to ensure that its interactions with healthcare professionals respect the highest ethical standards. The Code covers interactions organised or sponsored in the countries of SNE’s member associations, by national association member companies, and addressed to healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations or healthcare facilities. Those interactions include the promotion of infant nutrition products to healthcare professionals, hospitality, gifts and grants, and lifelong learning activities.

The SNE code

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Why this Code of Practice?

SNE emphasises that the scientific dialogue between healthcare professionals and the infant nutrition industry is essential for optimal childcare and nutrition. SNE endorses industry’s responsibility to maintain the highest ethical standards in such interactions.

What is the Code about?

The SNE Code therefore sets clear rules regarding industry’s interactions with healthcare professionals on infant nutrition, feeding and health. The SNE Code is based on existing EU legislation as well as on existing Codes that were put in place at national level by SNE member associations. It also contains additional and/or more detailed provisions not covered by EU legislation (e.g. on lifelong learning activities organised by the private sector).

Who and what is covered by the Code?

The Code lays down best practices for SNE member associations and their member companies. It applies to their interactions with healthcare professionals and their organisations, taking place in the European countries where SNE’s member associations are located (see ‘our members’ page here). This Code applies to interactions with regard to infant formula, follow-on formula and foods for special medical purposes intended for infants.

When will the Code apply?

SNE’s member associations across 19 European countries are encouraged, in line with their statutes and national context, to either adopt this Code of Practice and/or to review and update their existing Codes, by 31 December 2024.