14 May 2020

COVID-19: Availability of European Infant Formulae in Europe and worldwide

Brussels, 14th May 2020: SNE and its members have adjusted their processes and production facilities across Europe to ensure the continued supply and availability of safe and high-quality infant formulae during the Covid-19 pandemic, in Europe and worldwide. Food safety remains our top priority and, despite the COVID-19 crisis, companies continue to manufacture infant formulae in compliance with stringent European food safety standards.

As infant formulae are the only safe alternative to breastmilk, it is critical that these standards are maintained.

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) may have caused concern on the resilience of our global food supply chain, specifically for infant formulae and ingredients.

As manufacturers of products that feed the most vulnerable in our societies, we take our responsibilities very seriously.

We can assure our partners, consumers, parents, caregivers and health care professionals worldwide that our food supply chain in Europe is working securely and consistently to supply adequate stocks of safe infant formulae in Europe and globally to our vulnerable consumers. Our manufacturing sites continue to produce adequate volumes and in some instances have actually increased production to meet the surge in demand.

Infant formulae are regarded as critical and essential foods during this pandemic, ensuring the consistent production and export of nutritionally appropriate and safe product.

Our sector – through its network across Europe – is in constant dialogue with authorities at both European and national level, establishing adequate and robust responses to challenges and ensuring an uninterrupted supply in all markets.

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