11 June 2013

IDACE Press release - European Parliament plenary vote to modernise EU Specialised nutririon rules

Today, the European Parliament’s plenary session voted in favour of the revision of the EU specialised nutrition framework (previously known as PARNUTs). This vote represents the final formal step in adopting a modernised legislative framework to protect vulnerable consumers, notes IDACE – the association representing the specialised nutrition industry in Europe.

IDACE acknowledges the concerted efforts of the European Institutions over the past two years in finding an appropriate legal solution to ensure the continued protection of European consumers who require specialised nutrition products to manage their dietary needs.

Roger Clarke, Member of the IDACE Operational Board with responsibility for this new legislation comments: “Work remains to be done in order to complete this basic act, and to ensure appropriate legal solutions for several categories of specialised nutrition for which the legislative future remains unclear.

In the coming months, the European Institutions will need to adopt specific acts to ensure that the needs of each category of vulnerable consumers will be recognized, including the very specific needs of infants and young children, individuals under medical supervision, sportsmen, overweight and obese consumers, and those suffering from coeliac disease. It is furthermore critical that healthcare professionals will be able to communicate with consumers on the proper use of these products.

IDACE calls upon the European Institutions to ensure that the various follow up activities will be undertaken without delay, in order to ensure that both consumers and industry will have a more modern and suitable legal framework before the previous rules are repealed.

IDACE looks forward to gaining clarity on various legislative uncertainties and to their swift resolution in order to guarantee a solid legal basis to protect vulnerable consumers.


Notes to editors:

IDACE is the association representing the specialised nutrition industry in Europe. It has nearly fifty years’ experience in the development of nutritional science and the application of ethical standards in foods for special dietary needs. Please see for more information.

Now that the revised Regulation (EU) No 609/2013 has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, legislative uncertainty must be resolved for a number of categories of specialised nutrition products including gluten free foods, sports nutrition products, milk based drinks for young children, and very low calorie diet products, in addition to the completion of definitions for several categories.

For more information please contact Roger Clarke, Member of IDACE’s Operational Board at .