14 May 2019

New MEPs must continue to protect consumers with specific nutritional needs - Specialised nutrition industry releases its vision for the new EU 2019-2024 mandate

Ahead of the EU elections that will take place across all EU countries on 16-23 May, SNE - the voice of the specialised nutrition industry in Europe, calls on upcoming new MEPs to make sure EU consumers can continue to access safe & balanced nutritional foods in Europe.

In its Manifesto, SNE notably calls on EU policymakers to:

  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop an ambitious EU nutrition and health agenda
  • Support innovation in nutritional science by protecting the ability to communicate evidence-based innovation to consumers
  • Ensure that ‘better regulation’ does not lead to ‘deregulation’ by safeguarding a specific EU framework for specialised nutrition products that prevents market fragmentation
  • Leverage the sector’s expertise in impact assessments and ensure that EU actions are based on sound evidence

“Specialised nutrition is a lifeline for millions of Europeans. Throughout life, it gives nutritional protection and support when people need it most: when they are vulnerable or ill; or at times when they have special nutritional needs that common foods cannot meet”, explains Prof. Udo Herz, President of SNE. “We really hope that new MEPs will listen to our call to action and continue protecting EU consumers with specific nutritional needs by ensuring the legal framework for evidence-based innovation”.

SNE and its members – the national associations of 19 European countries, which represent the manufacturers of specialised nutrition – are also committed to bring value to Europe and protect its citizens. “Our products contribute to significant healthcare costs savings across the EU, with the costs caused by malnutrition estimated at €120 billion[1]. We are committed to help Europeans achieve healthy and balanced diets with innovative foods that apply the latest nutrition science – and we look forward to joining forces with all MEPs to build a future-proof framework for our common objective of nutritional health”, concludes Prof. Udo Herz.

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Aurélie Perrichet, SNE Executive Director )


Notes to editors:
Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) is the voice of the specialised nutrition industry across Europe. SNE members are the national associations of 19 European countries including a majority of EU states and their members are the companies producing tailor made dietary solutions for populations with very specific nutritional needs. These include: infants and young children, patients under medical supervision, sportspeople, overweight and obese consumers, and those suffering from coeliac disease.

[1] According to MNI Medical nutrition dossier “Better care through better nutrition: Value and effects of Medical Nutrition”, Fourth version 2018