01 October 2013

SNE Press release - IDACE unveils new name to better reflect membership and objectives: Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE)

Today Europe’s specialised nutrition industry (formerly known as the European Dietetic Food industry Association, IDACE) will be changing its name to ‘Specialised Nutrition Europe’ (SNE), in order to better reflect membership and objectives.

SNE members provide specialised dietary solutions for populations with very specific nutritional needs including infants and young children, individuals under medical supervision, sportsmen, overweight and obese consumers, and those suffering from coeliac disease. SNE aims to be recognised for the importance of these products in Europe, which 90% of Europeans will need at some stage in their lives, as well as for members’ deep technical and regulatory expertise which plays a critical role in supporting EU public policy decisions.

The new name will more appropriately reflect the association’s activities and focus in the context of the new legislative landscape that the specialised nutrition industry will be facing following the fundamental review of the EU rules governing these products.

As the revised Regulation on Foods for Specific Groups will become applicable in mid-2016, the next three years will be critical for EU activities which aim to finalise the revision and find appropriate legislative provisions for those outstanding issues remaining from the Review process.

The specialised nutrition sector has a critical role in Europe, with an annual turnover of approaching €24bn, around 5% of which is invested in research (in comparison with the general foods industry which invests an average of 1% in R&D).

Recently appointed President of SNE Roger Clarke (press release here) comments: This is an exciting and challenging time for our association, and we look forward to greater engagement with our wide network of partners, decision makers, and other interested parties in the coming months and years to keep them up to date and informed  about our industry, our membership, and our objectives.”

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Notes to editors:

SNE, formerly known as IDACE, is the association representing the specialised nutrition industry in Europe.  SNE represents 18 national associations of specialised nutrition manufacturers who are in close contact with local authorities and cooperate on European issues of common concern.

The association has nearly 50 years’ experience and its members have developed extensive experience in nutritional science and the application of ethical standards in foods for special dietary needs.

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Press contact: Roger Clarke, President of SNE and Director General BSNA (the UK association representing the specialised nutrition industry): .